Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Project Based Training in Diploma in Website Designing

Diploma in Website designing is conducted by the most experienced Web Masters in the Field. The speciality of this course is its outstanding values. Our Prime Motive is to provide with a student a sufficient practical experience to work confidently in the field.

Many years of experienced gained by people in the web site Design and development industry could be achieved during the course of training.

Web development company web alliance providing project based learning in diploma in website designing. Web designing course explains how to create attractive websites from scratch using different techniques, such as  Photoshop with web graphics ,Flash with action script, Dreamweaver, CSS , HTML and  Seo. After completing our web design courses you would be able to create professional and creative websites yourself.

A practical web design project at the end of the course will ensure that you go through website creation process by Navigation planning, creating  different website structure, converting to Dreamweaver, using different web design software, uploading website to a live server. End of the class you will have 2 of your creative website and flash cd profile in your hand